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On this page, Mrs Stratford and Mrs Ashley will be adding information for those who may want some additional support for their children with Special Educational Needs. We want to ensure that the children are supported as best as possible during this tricky time. Each tab will have a different area identified, with websites to look at and some activities to download. The Social, Emotional and Mental Health tab may also be useful for children who are finding the lock down difficult and are becoming anxious at home.  

How can I support my child's learning at home?

Reading and Writing Support ideas

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Oxford Owl - free e-books for ages 3-11. Reading with your child is so important to their development.  Why not try sharing a book together, reading to them or letting them read to you.  There is also a parents’ page which explains how spelling and grammar are taught in schools. ( have a look at the log-ins for each class)

Phonics Play – Here you will find phonics games which follow the Letters & Sounds phonics programme. Pick the phase the child is currently on using the menu at the side.
Phonics Play is currently free for all users during the school closure period.
Username: march20
Password: home

Home learning booklets - Here you can find a website providing free home learning booklets

 BBC Bitesize - videos, quizzes and games covering the entire curriculum
Topmarks - a collection of educational games covering all topics

Maths support and ideas

There are lots of websites that can support your child's maths development and some are listed below:

Number blocks -sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks!

White Rose Maths There are  daily videos for all year groups from Early years to Year 6 -  everything you will need is available for free

BBC Bitesize has a range of lessons using songs, well known characters and interactive sessions which children will engage with.  They are updated regularly and cover all areas of maths
Reception, year 1 and 2                                             

CoolMath4Kids - interactive games covering the four operations (+ - x ÷) and fractions

Thinking games - this website has links to a whole host of games designed to improve logical thinking skills

Times tables - this website is a great alternative to TTRockstars. You do not need a login and it does not have the time pressure that some pupils find tricky.

Speech and Language Support and ideas 

Have a look at the resources on:    This website has flashcards, games and worksheets to complete  with children

The Communication Trust has many links to different resources for parents as well as schools (some free) as well as offering some free training which is very interesting:

Social Communication Support and ideas

Children with social communication difficulties or Autism, need structure and routine. You can help children by using visual timetables to help them see what is happening at each step of the day and  they know in advance what they will be doing next. This will relieve some of their anxiety.  

Cheshire East Autism Team  have added some great resources to their page for families to use:

Playing lots of games with your child will help to encourage social skills such as taking turns, and winning and losing     

You Tube video – really good visual for teaching children why it is important to use soap when washing your hands:

CBBC Coronavirus Questions & Answers with Dr Chris & Dr Xand

Sensory/physical Needs - Support and Ideas 

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Multisensory activities and messy play can be found here - lots of recipes including chocolate gloop!

 A website to keep you active and moving!

Dancemat Typing – BBC bitesize – a fun way to learn touch typing

 Information for those with sensory difficulties who struggle with handwashing

50 sensory learning activities

The Sensory Projects has project packs for inclusive learning

and also some simple sensory games to play

Social, Emotional, Mental Health ideas

Mindful and relaxation exercises that parents can do with younger children to help with managing anxiety

 5 ways to support children’s mental health (bbc bitesize). There are some lovely activities for children to do (social and emotional)

The BBC Newsround site has a comprehensive section on coronavirus with text and video guidance focusing on tips if a child is worried, how to wash your hands, and what self-isolation means.

Storybooks for children about the virus

Mencap - Easy Read guide to Coronavirus:

Place2Be – Guide to helping parents answer questions from their children and to support family wellbeing:

Young Minds - Talking to your child about Coronavirus and 10 tips from their Parents Helpline to support family wellbeing:

Carers UK - Guidance for carers:

Covibook – an interactive resource designed to support and reassure children aged 7 and under, designed to help children explain and draw the emotions that they might be experiencing during the pandemic:

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Click on the pages below for further support and ideas:

Twinkl has 100's of different resources that you can access during this time and there is a free log in for parents/carers during this time. 

If you are on Facebook the group 'Magical moments' is full of fun, practical ideas and activities to keep children busy 

On Instagram the page 'mothercould' has some excellent sensory play ideas  



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