The school day starts at 8:45 am.

Registers will be marked and closed, in class, by 9:00 am with classroom doors closing at 9:00.

Pupils will receive a late mark of absence if they are not present.

Pupils arriving between 9.00 am and 9.15 am will also receive a late mark (L). Pupils arriving after 9.15 am will receive an unauthorised mark (U).

Pupils arriving late with parents must be signed in at the Academy office – parents to remain outside of the school building at the main entrance.  

After lunch, registers are marked at 1:15 pm. Pupils will receive a late mark of absence if they are not present.

The register closes at 1:25 pm.

Pupils arriving between 1.15 pm and 1.25 pm will also receive a late mark (L). Pupils arriving after 1.25 pm will receive an unauthorised mark (U).        

Parents must sign their children out at the office when withdrawing them before 3:10pm.

End of the school day is 3:15 pm for all pupils.

All children have a one hour lunch break. KS1and KS2 children have a 15 minute playtime in the morning. All children attend 32.5 hours per week.  


Percentage attendance – as per government guidance

RAG rating

Red: 90% and below

Amber: 91% - 94%

Green: 95% and above

Occasionally, illness or injury will prevent your child from attending school. In the event of absence, please ensure that you let the school know on the first day of absence before 8:30am  by contacting Mrs Gill on 01270 260580.

If your child is absent and we have not received an explanation, we will attempt to contact you on the morning of your child's absence. Phone calls, emails, letters and home visits will be made to establish a reason for a child's absence.

Communication from parents/carers regarding a child's absence is essential to ensure records are accurate and children's whereabouts are known. 

Failing to report your child's absence from school will result in your child's absence being marked as unauthorised. Unauthorised absences can result in further statutory action being taken against you. 

The Difference Between Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

There are two types of absence that are recorded on your child's attendance record:

Authorised Absences

  • Authorised absence is where the school has given approval in advance or has accepted an explanation offered for a child's absence. By authorising a child's absence, the school approves it and agrees that is a good reason. Only the Principal can authorise a child's absence from school. You should contact school as early as possible to explain why your child needs to be absent and to obtain permission. Acceptable reasons may include:
  • Illness - if it is a prolonged illness or if it causes regular absences, medical evidence may be requested.
  • Emergency medical or dental appointments - routine medical appointments should always be made outside of school hours or during school holidays.
  • Days of religious observance - to be agreed in advance by the Principal.

​Unauthorised Absences

Unauthorised absence is where the school is saying that either a reason has not been provided, or the reason provided is not acceptable. Absences that school do not consider reasonable include:

  • Shopping or birthday trips.
  • Looking after younger siblings or visiting relatives.
  • Routine medical or dental appointments - these should be made outside of school hours.
  • Taking the rest of the day off, before or after an emergency dental or medical appointment.
  • Over-sleeping.
  • Taking a long weekend.
  • Family celebrations - this does not include days of religious observance.
  • Leave of Absence in Term-Time - click the link for further information regarding leave of absences in term-time.

Please refer to our Attendance Policy for further information.

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