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What Parents and Carers Need To Know 2022 Report

A message from the Chair of Our Local Academy Committee- Paul Stoddard

To Parents or Guardians
The internet is part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. Its is a great resource for sharing information and connecting people. With ever changing technologies connecting us to our lights, heating and even our doorbell when we are away from our homes. We no longer have to be on a desktop PC to access the internet. If your child uses a phone, tablet, games console ( e.g. Xbox or Playstation) they are connected to the internet and could be communicating with anyone. I want to remind you as a parent myself how important it is to speak to your children about their internet habits and like me find out what Apps and websites they are using? Ask them who is their favourite you tuber? And ask them do they talk to friends online and do they know them in real life? With Christmas only a few weeks away you might be thinking of a new game or console are the games age appropriate? remember over 18 games will be played by adults over 18 online. Now is a good time to also check the safeguards you have in place at home , i:e Parental controls , privacy settings and family links. 

Keeping our children safe online is very much a partnership with our school and yourselves at home.
Please read the following information so we can educate everyone to be safe and respectful while online.
If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact the school.
Thank you

Useful Websites

Keeping your Under 5-year-old safe online: Whether it’s watching videos, playing games on their devices or talking to Alexa – today’s under 5s are spending more and more time online. Within this article we highlight some of the benefits of young children accessing the internet, and share some key advice about how to make sure your child has a positive and safe experience online.

Parenting in a digital world: The digital world is vast, exciting and forever evolving at such a pace that parents often find it hard to keep up. Our children have never known life before the online world and are getting more and more tech savvy at an earlier age.

Understanding Parental Controls: Parental controls are a great tool to help protect your children online. There’s plenty of advice available to help you using them may not be as difficult as you first thought and there is help available.

Please see below for more useful guides

Report and Remove

Childline’s new tool helps young people remove nude images shared online

The NSPCC’s service for children and young people, Childline, has launched the Report Remove tool with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to help young people remove nude images of themselves from the internet.

Report Remove

Childline.org - Report and Remove

For some more helpful information on helping to keep your child safe online, see: 





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