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At Underwood West the children express themselves creatively through their love of music by forming their own opinions on a variety of music styles across the ages and stages of musical history and culture. Their musical skills are nurtured and enhanced through a highly interactive, practical and enjoyable scheme of work produced by Music Express. This progressive scheme enables the children to build on their skills in singing, composing, playing and performing from year to year which develops their self confidence in their abilities as musicians.

At Underwood West we wish to see the children blossom and grow through their music lessons so that they develop a sense of pride and satisfaction in their achievements. Alongside the Music Express scheme of work the children are provided with the opportunities to access other musical learning through the Love Music Trust which enables them to become confident and capable in their performance skills.

Front Row music

There is also the opportunity for children to learn an instrument (usually guitars or ukulele’s) through lessons with Front Row music. These lessons are led by a music teacher and occur weekly. Children have the opportunity to sign up for these lessons at the beginning of the school year.



Music Express 

The Music Express scheme is designed to be topic-based and cross-curricular which supports the children's learning in music and across other subjects through music. The progressive scheme ensures consistent musical development across the Primary school experience.

Through Music Express the children will:

  • Explore examples of music styles and genres from different times and places, including the classical Western canon.
  • Listen carefully to the music styles and genres including vocal melodies from Medieval times, Tudor court music, Romantic ballet music, Twentieth century pop, as well as traditional and classical forms from across the globe.
  • Compose and perform music which demonstrates their understanding of the different music styles and genres.
  • Develop an increasing appreciation for composers and music styles across historical periods which is brought to the fore through the ‘Piece of the Week’ played and discussed by each class once a week.
  • Ensure the children have regular opportunities to develop and use their voices to sing, in an ensemble or individually.
  • Provide the children with the opportunity to perform using body percussion, whole body movements, playing percussion instruments, untuned or tuned instruments.
  • Explore the sounds of instruments, using their knowledge and understanding to compose and perform with them.
  • Develop the children’s knowledge of the dimensions of music - pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, and texture.
  • Develop the children’s understanding and use of notations including picture, graphic, rhythm and staff notation as their skills progress from year to year.
  • Showcase the children’s creativity through a variety of performance opportunities through singings and using a range of instruments.


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