Learning Mentor Support

Learning Mentors

Here over at Underwood West Academy we have two Learning Mentors, Miss Starkey & Mr Foster

We are always happy to make ourselves available for a telephone call or if you prefer a face to face chat. We are proud to be known as the prevent team within the child centred approach team.


Our role in school

To actively support children and families with their worries that could cause your child to have a barrier to their learning.

Like what? You ask!

Barriers such as:

Breakdown in friendships, feeling isolated.

Struggling to concentrate due to low self-esteem or confidence.

Illness or bereavement within their families including the loss off a pet.

Eating disorders or even the feeling of not eating in the halls.

Relationship breakdown or separation of parents /carers


How do we support with these issues you ask!

Firstly parents, carers, teachers or our colleagues within the child centred support team will identify a child that has a worry or a concern.

A referral will be made for the child/ children then allocated within the child centred team.

Following parental consent Miss Starkey or Mr Foster will then have a caseload of children to work with over a period of time.

What we do

Miss Starkey or Mr Foster  will meet with the child to help them identify what their barrier is.

Your child may feel easier speaking with us whilst being creative in activities  such as arts, crafts, playing a board or kicking a ball with us outside.

Playing the drums! Fabulous for releasing inner emotions. Reading or watching a story that relates to their worry.


Programs/ Worksheets

Sometimes your child may benefit from following a set program or worksheet that are aimed directly to deal with a worry.

Such as:

*Low mood

*Self-esteem, confidence, feeling alone / isolated

* Bereavement or sense of loss.

*Diversity, Puberty, Lgbtq, Inclusion

*Healthy eating or exercise.

*Pants are private


How else can we help?

Alongside our caseload Miss Starkey and Mr Foster will respond to daily issues within school.This may be

A child or family member arriving into school upset.

A meeting or telephone call with parent, carers.

A home visit to support with attendance.

Support within the share hub.

Respond and support with safeguard issues. Direct work request.

Sats or test worries.

Transition to new class or high school.


We liaise with other colleagues in school such as Class teachers, Senco, Salt, Family support worker. School councillor, Elsa



Both Miss Starkey and Mr Foster will have an open-door policy over break and lunchtimes. Miss Starkey will try to deliver as many diverse groups over lunchtime. Each year group

will have a turn on a rota. These groups are very much child lead for the focus or activities that will take place within this time. Mr Foster likes to make himself available to the children by spending every lunchtime outside



Should the Mentors not be able to offer support they can refer to services within our team such as:

Family support

School councillor



Behaviour management.


External support:



Dove Service.

Daisys Dream.


Cheshire without abuse.



Meeting's with the Mentors are always confidential. Any matters  relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with the schools Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.




Newcastle Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 3LF

Please direct your enquiries to

Mel JamesBursar

01270 260580