School Council

Our Charter

As a School Council we promise to:

Be good role models,

Listen to ALL Children,

Be good communicators, 

Respect other people and their feelings,

Give feedback to our teachers and classmates

The School Council take their roles very seriously, they all thought about what they would contribute individually to improve their school.                  

"Together we will make the school a better place."

"We will look after new children."

"We would like to help look after the reception children."

 "We will look after the playground."

"We will make sure everybody is happy."

"We will keep the whole school tidy and litter free."

"We will help raise funds to buy more games."

Armistice  Day

Miss Bond had the pleasure of taking some of our school councillors to the Armistice Day service in Crewe this week. The children laid a wreath on behalf of the school and were interested to find out what the service involved. They spoke to The Mayor of Crewe, Tom Dunlop and several representatives of the Royal British Legion who welcomed them to the service and thanked them for attending.

As always, the children were fantastic ambassadors for our school, they were polite, respectful and asked lots of questions to further their understanding of the event.
Well done children!


We have had a busy ans successful term. Following the election of our new members we were asked to help to look at the signs around school to see if they were accessable to all members of our community. We then reported back to our classes and asked  for help in creating new signs which we have shared with Mrs Jones. We are looking forward to seeing the signs around school soon. 

We had great fun creating our next project, Mrs Jones asked us to produce a video which would show the qualities that the pupils at UWA display.We began by thinking about the qualities that we believed we shared, before reporting back to our classes and asking them to come up with a list of  their top 5 qualities. Once we had gathered these in we then began the fun job of filming our video. We hope you enjoy  watching it.

Thank you and well done

We would like to thank you all the members of the school council for all their hard work this year. They have worked hard to represent the members of their classes and share views and ideas of how the school community can be improved. Throughout the year they have taken part in discussions on how school dinners can be improved, helped to choose the designs of new signage around the school and created a video to illustrate the qualities that the children at UWA  display. They have also represented the school at Armistice Day and played a vital role in helping to judge the recent Underwood West talent competition.



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